Monday, April 21, 2008

Episode 2: Donald K. Allen

A conversation with independent presidential candidate Donald K. Allen, an Ohio veterinarian.

Dr. Allen talks about border security, frisking grandmas, and why he's proud to not be a lawyer.

(Runtime: 21:03; music by Ocean Alexander)


Anonymous said...

Donald K. Allen, might be proud not to be a lawyer, however, he is a horrific veterinarian. I've heard horror stories, and have witnessed how he treats animals with no care, he treats animals with brutal force unnecessary by anybodies standards.

I remember bringing in a puppy of mine, at about 7 or so weeks, and he handled her as if she were an alligator, holding her snout shut, not even allowing her to breathe, causing her to cry and attempt to squirm away in pain and fear. This traumatized my dog for life, she has been afraid of vets and animal hospitals her entire life. I honestly felt like he was endangering my dog in a way that made me feel as if I were going to have to attack Donald for my dogs safety.
Worst yet, we took my dog to get 'fixed,' and the nurses were fighting with my dog instead of working with my dog to keep my dog comfortable. The procedure caused a urinary tract infection in my pet which leads me to believe the man's practice is even more questionable.

I would never vote for such a narrow, one-tract minded individual to be President, I think his practice should be investigated also. The fact that this man is running for President is quite laughable, and scary, such a man is too militant and unreasonable on any accounts, his ideas lack any intellectual input or esoteric understanding.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: I can't speak for Dr. Allen's clinic or his veterinary practices. However, I found his arguments intelligent and far from laughable - despite the fact I disagree with Dr. Allen on a number of issues.

Jackie Miller said...

It is unfortunate that you obviously have no experience working with animals, if you did you would understand that an animal has no clue what you are doing for them. The way they scream and whine and carry on is no different than a toddlers temper tantrum. Would you let your toddlers screaming and crying at the Dr. office prevent you from them getting their much needed medical attention? Would you then bad mouth the Dr. for doing what he has been trained to do? By the way Dr.s and Vets do know the difference between pain and a tantrum. Maybe you should educate yourself and watch Ceasar Milan or any other program that deals with animals and see if they all remain quiet while they are being examined. Yes I do know what I am talking about, I worked at a veterinary clinic for over 3 years and had animals all my life. No I do not know Dr. Allen, in fact I have never even heard of him until recently. Some times in life you have to use tough love and do what is best for your animal/loved one even tho they protest!

Donald K. Allen, MS, DVM said...

Anonymous is right. When I get a new puppy in for exam I try to persuade the owner to realize that dogs understand pack rules and not human reason. I show a 4-step procedure to use when correcting bad behavior or aggression, which includes holding the collar, holding the muzzle, eye contact, and a growl or using a low, angry voice. None of these things physically harm the puppy, but they instinctively understand the fact that you are in control and have stronger will than the puppy. Depending on whether or not the puppy has ever been controlled before, the resistance may last only seconds or minutes. It is so important for the owner to start off on the right foot, before the puppy assumes alpha status by default, and alpha reversal is much harder to achieve.
Obviously, Anonymous is new at animal interaction. I've been doing this for 28 years and tend to be a Caesar Milan follower in creating pack "peck order" status.
By the way, dogs breathe through their nostrils, and her puppy could always breathe, was never in pain, but did realize that I was in charge. For every one like Anonymous, I can name 100 that have thanked me for showing them a logical, harmless way to teach their dog right from wrong.
Donald K. Allen, MS, DVM

Anonymous said...

I have not been to his clinic either,but i can vouch for dogs crying if you look at them wrong.
Our dog otherwise just the best dog ever!
If yu even looked at her cross-eyed she whimpered and when you told her no to do something she cried.Some dogs like people are more sensitive than others.
This is no big deal. The things he says he would like to do sound good to me and I am seriously thinking of giving him my vote.
Down with PUPPY MILLS & CATTERIES! They were not put on this earth to pay for a human's their expense.

Anonymous said...

This vet should not have a license to help animals, let alone run for president. I took a perfectly good baby bunny to him and at first, he couldn't even tell me the sex of the animal and then him and his staff members mishandled her and broke her back. I brought her back in, not knowning what the problem was and he gave her a shot and said she was just scared. She was dragging her hind legs behind her. The next day, I found a vet that actually knew what he was doing and told me right away the problem and then confirmed it with an x-ray. Dr., and I use that term loosely, and his staff members mishandled her and broke her back and I had to put her down. When telling him this the next day, he told me that I didn't give the shot a chance to work. I told him, apparently, he doesn't know what he is talking about, cause the shot was never going to work since YOU BROKE HER BACK. Anyone reading this needs to not only NOT vote for him, but if you love your pets, DO NOT TAKE THEM TO HIM, because you wont have any pets anymore.